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Judy Mazsa

Reiki Teacher &
Holistic Therapist

I was attuned to Reiki I by Penelope Quest in February 2004 while living in the UK.  I loved it so much, I went back to learn Reiki II with her in May 2004.  I recognised the benefits immediately, but it wasn't until I received further attunements to PSA Super Reiki by founder Susie Anthony that I decided to make a drastic change to my career.
My previous role was in finance in London City, where I was earning a very comfortable salary.  Finding little meaning in this after several years, I courageously changed track to follow my passion and become a healer and teacher of Reiki and energy mastery.  I was attuned to Reiki Master Teacher in 2006 and I now work as a therapist and Usui/Tibetan Reiki teacher.
I became a member of the PSA Life Mastery team created by Dr. Susie Anthony in Somerset UK from November 2006 to September 2013.  I was also centre manager of Studio Psalm, the team's holistic day spa in Wells.  Together we assisted people from all walks of life through courses run by Susie and various therapies.  I also gave treatments at various locations in Somerset and London.  Having returned to my birth country Australia in 2016, I continue to work with Susie from here.  I now teach and treat clients at my home in Figtree, Wollongong NSW. 
Living and working with the PSA Life Mastery team from 2006 - 2013, I undertook to do the necessary psychological clearings to become a pure channel for powerful transformative healing energies.  You can experience this during my treatments and courses.

I also use Pranic healing techniques within my Reiki treatments, plus I combine the application of Young Living essential oils to Chinese accupressure release points on the body to gently accelerate the healing process.
My Reiki Lineage is below and is influenced by the Usui/Tibetan method of Reiki developed by William Lee Rand and by the MS-REM Super Reiki method developed by Susie Anthony:
Dr. Mikao Usui
Dr. Chujiro Hayashi
Mrs. Hawayo Takata
Iris Ishikura
Arthur Robertson
Diane McCumber
William Lee Rand
Marisa Tapper
Susie Anthony

In 2008, I wished to add massage to my treatments and after completing a Swedish massage course, I undertook extensive NO HANDS massage training, which I attended annually for several years.  I have also done additional training in specialised massage for the back, hips and shoulders.
My passion for Young Living Essential Oils drew me to the Raindrop Technique and the Vibrational Raindrop Technique, combining the power of therapeutic grade essential oils and tuning forks.  I use the oils not only in my treatments but on myself daily.

I love sharing the techniques which helped me to transform my life from one of stress, illness and chaos to one filled with joy, peace and calm.  I wish to help people who wish to do the same and provide energetic and physical support via my treatments.  My treatments can be about lying down on a treatment couch to have some 'me' time, but if you wish for more, I can assist you to bring more joy, peace and calm into your everyday life.  Whichever you would like, please do come and have a treatment and find out how I can help.