Figtree Holistic Therapies - Judy Mazsa
Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic Massage is a dynamic and broader form of massage which leads to a deep sense of well being and peace.  It can also focus on specific areas of the body depending upon the client's needs.

Therapeutic massage is one of the most powerful and ancient natural therapies. There are many different reasons why people book a massage treatment and they range from the need to unwind and release muscular tension, to recharging depleted energy levels, to needing a simple physical ‘detox’.  It is one of the most scientifically tested and researched of all the complementary and natural health therapies.
Hands Free Massage takes the powerful and ancient therapy of massage to a whole new level and for this reason it is now the fastest growing approach to massage therapy in the UK and the Far East.
What To Expect
The treatment duration is approximately 75 minutes.  I begin with a consultation, discussing the purpose of the client's visit and their medical history.
The massage begins when the client slumps onto several pillows, there to ensure their comfort and support.  Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils are applied to enhance the release of muscular tension.
The entire massage is done using body weight transferred into the soft parts of the legs, forearms and knees, which are used to massage the client...delivering powerful yet gentle depth and coverage.  I am guided intuitively to the areas that require more work and tailor the massage to suit the purpose of the client's visit.  The treatment will leave you feeling peaceful, nurtured and relaxed.

Back Massage
This is one of the most powerful ways to release the tension and undo all the knots in your spine, hips and neck. The unique approach means that so much release can be achieved – and all of it pain-free. You are able to free up not only your back but also your energy.
Foot Massage
This treatment is sheer bliss. The foot reflects your whole body and after this amazingly deep foot Massage you can leave feeling your whole body transformed. This is a deeply relaxing and pleasurable treatment to soothe away the stresses of the day. Leave the session literally 'walking on air'.
Head Massage 

This treatment is actually a Massage of your whole head, neck, face and shoulders.  It can help you to totally release tension throughout your whole being and leave you feeling nurtured and rejuvenated.
Full Body Massage
This is all of the above treatments combined into one powerfully flowing Massage treatment. From beginning to end you can feel yourself enveloped in the healing power of touch. Your body can take whatever it needs from this treatment, whether it is nurturing, connection, release or rejuvenation. The power of touch felt through your whole body…
Colon Treatment
This is a uniquely naturopathic treatment of your colon, which allows your body to balance itself. Working gently and deeply, it allows the muscles of this major elimination organ to regain health. Gently strengthening the muscles in the walls of your large intestine is the simplest and most natural way to bring your tissues back to health. Your whole body's health depends on the proper functioning of your bowels.
Structural Release Treatment
Using some of the newest and deepest bodywork techniques in the world, you can free up your spine, neck and hips so they can function how they were always meant to function. When your spine, neck and hips are free, supple and flexible then nerve, lymph and blood supply to all your organs is improved with increased functioning, health and energy. Leave with your whole body buzzing with enough energy for the whole week ahead!