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Vibrational Raindrop Technique
Vibrational Raindrop Technique was born thanks to the collaboration of D. Gary Young (founder of Young Living Essential Oils and Raindrop Technique) and Christi Bonds-Garrett- MDs years of research studies of vibrational healing.
Vibrational Raindrop Technique was developed to amplify the healing effect of the Raindrop Technique by using the vibrational sounds played by sets of tuning forks with specific frequencies.
This is a relatively new treatment, which detoxifies the physical and energetic bodies by clearing dormant bacteria, fungi and viruses from the spine and body through the application of Young Living Essential oils.  With the added power of vibration applied through the use of tuning forks, energetic and physical blocks can be shifted from muscles and the aura.  Instant pain relief is possible, and this is something I have experienced myself while receiving the treatment.
It is based on the theory that FREQUENCY + INTENTION = HEALING
Did you know that each organ of the body makes sound at specific frequencies?  Even though we cannot hear the sound, these vibrations are measurable.   If diseased, an organ ceases to emit its key note. When its key note is aimed at it, the diseased organ is restored to health. The diseased organs are brought back to health through resonance with a healthy frequency....according to Christi Bonds-Garrett, MD.
Benefits from Vibrational Raindrop Technique
Thanks to the effectiveness of 100% pure and organic therapeutic-grade essential oils,  the benefits from this VRT session are very similar to the ones from the original Raindrop Technique.
However, it is wonderful to feel the deep and relaxing vibration from the tuning forks within and around the body while receiving the treatment.  It's amazing how much the gentle vibration can lead us to get to much deeper level of relaxation.
* Reversing of the negative effects of Stress
* Repairing Damaged Muscle Tissue
* Relieving Tension
* Removing Discomfort throughout the body
* Improving Immune System
* Improving Digestion
* Improving Circulation
* Detoxifying the body
* Enhancing Muscle Tone
* Increasing Mental Alertness
* Emotional Release, etc
What to Expect
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