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Essential Oils
 I highly recommend bringing Young  Living Essential Oils into your life.  They are created by D. Gary Young, a leading light in the field of natural medicines, nutrition and healing.
I use Young Living Essential Oils in all of my treatments.  They are the highest therapeutic grade essentials oils available in the world today.  They enhance the power and effectiveness of my treatments many times over.
There are also many reasons why I use Young Living's products personally on a day to day basis.

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Products are available to members at a 24% reduction on retail prices.
However if you do not wish to become a member, of course you can order as a retail customer.
If you start using YL products regularly, you can benefit even further by joining the Essential Rewards program, which is what I do.  To find out more, visit here or contact me for further information.
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My Favourite Young Living Essential Oils and Blends
There are some Young Living's single oils and oil blends I never leave home without.  Here they are:

Thieves Oil Blend
Thieves oil
Thieves was proven by Manchester University to kill MRSA, the hospital super bug and will stop any cold or sore throat in its tracks.  Diffuse to clean mould spores growing on walls. Thieves contains the essential oils Rosemary, Lemon, Clove, Cinnamon and Eucalyptus Radiata.
Joy Oil Blend
Start your day with a super lift by applying Joy to the heart energy centre, located over the sternum. Joy is a luxuriously exotic blend with uplifting overtones that create magnetic energy and brings joy to the heart. This blend contains with Bergamot, ylang ylang, geranium, rosewood, lemon, mandarin, jasmine, Roman chamomile, palmarosa, and rose and can also be used as a perfume. 
Peace and CalmingPeace & Calming Oil Blend
If you wish to feel relaxed and centred, introduce  into your daily routine.
Peppermint Oil
PeppermintPeppermint (Mentha piperita) has a strong, clean, fresh, minty aroma and is one of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs. Jean Valnet, M.D., studied peppermint’s effect on the liver and respiratory systems. Other scientists have also researched peppermint’s role in improving taste and smell when inhaled. Dr. William N. Dember of the University of Cincinnati studied peppermint’s ability to improve concentration and mental activity. Alan Hirsch, M.D., studied peppermint’s ability to directly affect the brain’s satiety centre, which triggers a sensation of fullness after meals.
Valor Oil Blend
Valor is an empowering combination of therapeutic-grade essential oils that works with both the physical and spiritual aspects of the body to increase feelings of strength, courage, and self-esteem in the face of adversity. Renowned for its protective qualities, Valor enhances an individual's internal resources. It has also been found to help the body self-correct its balance and alignment.  This is a blend I use EVERY day.  We all need a bit of help to deal with the challenges of our daily lives!
Deep Relief Oil Blend
Deep Relief Roll-On
Deep Relief Essential Oil Roll On is a little miracle in a bottle and it really works.  It is a blend of oils specially formulated to relieve muscle soreness and tension.  Peppermint, Wintergreen, Copal, and Palo Santo essential oils as well as others play an integral part of healing in this blend.  Deep Relief is offered in the portable convenience of a roll on for easy application.  This is my little helper in my sessions - it does half the work for me!  I have this in my handbag and I often lend it to people to assist them with pain-relief.
Favourite Young Living Natural Household Products
My home is full of Young Living's household products such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste and Thieves household cleaner, as I know they only contains plant derived ingredients. They do not contain any harmful chemicals such as Sodium Laureth Sulfates or Propelyne Glycol.
These and other man-made ingredients are used by manufacturers because they are cheap, but they are also toxic to the body. 
Check the ingredients list on the products in your bathroom and under your sink, and see if these chemicals are included.  If you're using cleaning products and your start to choke or cough when you breathe them in, imagine what they are doing to the cells in your body.
If you are unsure about the ingredients in your household products, you can find more information here:
Skin products
If you are interested in maintaining or improving your health, I would recommend you replace any toxic products with Young Living's household range.  See below for some of my favourites. 
Thieves Household Cleaner
The miracle cleaner in a bottle which also contains the anti-microbial properties of Thieves Essential Oil blend.  Dilute with water to clean all surfaces, floors, furniture, walls, old stains in the carpet...the list goes on.  Thieves also kills mould spores so this is perfect for cleaning and eradicating any mould patches on walls.  My mum swears by this product!

Rosewood Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner
I LOVE these products.  Just try them and see how much healthier, smoother and rejuvenated your hair looks and feels.  It's especially useful for hair which has been damaged.
Dentarome Ultra (Thieves) Toothpaste
Dentarome Ultra toothpaste contains an advanced formula of edible, all-natural ingredients that gently clean your teeth and freshen your breath while harnessing the powerful action of 100% pure essential oils for protection against cavities.

Dragon Time Shower Gel
Dragon Time Shower Gel is a very gentle body wash which is great for helping me through those 'hormonal' times!  It always leaves me feeling very relaxed and calm.

Lavender Hand & Body Lotion
Bring life back to your skin with this all-natural lightweight moisturizer infused with skin-loving lavender essential oil. Added nutrients such as wolfberry seed and jojoba oils fortify your skin's natural moisture barrier to maintain long-lasting hydration.  This is heaven for my skin.